Project: MANO MENU


Year: 2020

Mano has been a fine dining restaurant for the past fifteen years, located in Gliptoteka in Zagreb. At the beginning of 2020, chef Matija Bogdan took over the restaurant which marked Mano entering a new era of gastronomic excellence.
The objective in rethinking and redesigning the menu was to translate a few of the main qualities of Matija’s cooking into the layout and create a visual language that would complement the food, the ambience and the new vision for the restaurant.
The new menu is divided into categories with abstract graphic elements illustrating each section. The elements are a result of researching different types of Matija’s dishes as well as the way the dishes are presented on the plate. The shapes represent the movement of the hand (serving as a visual signature of sorts), while the textures represent a wide spectrum of the chef’s present and upcoming gastronomic creations.
Typography is clean & elegant and the layout is centered, which overall gives the menu a fresh, sophisticated and modern feel.

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